Learn common Nepali Phrases

Are you are travelling to Nepal? If yes, it’s advisable to learn some basic Nepal phrases. That makes you Nepal journey more fun and exciting. Normally in tourist places all Nepalese who deal with tourists speak English.

Nepali language is closely related to Hindi. Both languages belong to Indo-European family. It’s quite easy to get by with English in Nepal.

Greetings / Civilities
Hello Namaste
Thank you Dhanyabaad
How are you? Tapaain laaee kasto chha?
I am fine, thank you. Malai sanchai cha, dhanyabaad.
What is your name? Tapaainko naam ke ho?
My name is ‘John’. Mero naam ‘John’ ho.
I hope we meet again. Pheri bhetaunlaa.
Goodbye Namaste
Please speak more slowly. Bistaarai bolnuhos.
Do you speak English? Tapaain angrejee bolnu hunchha?
Yes, I speak English. Ho, ma angrejee bolchhu.
I only speak a little English. Ma ali ali angrejee bolchhu.
I can speak a little Nepali. Ma ali ali Nepali bolchhu.
Please say it again. Pheri bhannu hos.
Excuse me, sorry maaph garnu hos
Where are you going? Kahaan jaane?
To ‘Kathmandu’ ‘Kathmandu’ma
I want to change money. Ma paisaa saatna chaahanchhu.
May I take a photo? Ke ma photo khichna sakchhu?
Could you take my photo? Mero photo khichna saknu hunchha?
How much? Kati paisa? / kati ho?
Please give it to me more cheaply. Ali shastomaa dinos.
It’s too expensive. Dherai mahango bhayo.
Please reduce the price. Mol ali kam grarnuhos.
I can only give you (amount) rupees. Ma (rupees) maatrai dina sakchhu.
What is the price of this? Yesko mol kati ho?
What is your last price? Antim daam kati ho?
Was this made inNepal? Yo Nepaalmaa baneko ho?
I need….. malaaee……. chaahinchha.
I don’t need…… malaaee…… chaahindaina.
What is this? Yo ke ho?
Is there a place to stay here? Yahaan baas basna paainchha?
I need a room. Ma eutaa kotha chaahanchhu.
How much for one night? Ek raatko kati ho?
Can I see a room? Ma kothaa herna sakchhu?
Please bring water/ boiled water. Paanee/ umaaleko paanee lyaaidinos.
This room is dirty. Yo kothaa phohar/ mailaa chha.
Do you have a room? Kothaa paainchha?
I would like a single/ double room. Malaaee ekjanaakolaagi/ duijanaakolaagi kothaa chhaheenchha.
Hour Ghantaa
Morning Bihaana
Afternoon Diunso
Evening Belukaa
Night Raatee
Week Haptaa
Year Barsha
Always Sadhain
Now Ahile
What time is it? Kati bajyo?
1 o’clock ek bajyo
10 o’clock dasha bajyo
Sunday Aaitabar
Monday Sombaar
Tuesday Mangalbaar
Wednesday Budhabaar
Thursday Bihibaar
Friday Shukrabaar
Saturday Shanibaar
Today Aaja
Tomorrow Bholi
April-May Baishaakh
May-June Jeth/ Jestha
June-July Asaar
July-August Saaun/ Sraawan
August-September Bhaadra
September-October Ashoj
October-November Kaartik
November-December Mangsir
December-January Pus
January-February Maagh
February-March Phaalgun
March-April Chaitra
Boy Ketaa
Girl Ketee
Man Manchhe
Woman Aimaaee

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