Cuisines of Nepal

Nepalese food is delicious with unique style of taste. It also reflects wide variety of culture and traditions. In Nepalese food different spices and flavorings are used such as ginger, garlic, coriander, pepper, cumin, chilies, mustard oil, ghee and occasionally yak butter. The most famous Nepalese cuisines are as below.

Daal Bhat Tarkari

Daal bhat tarkari is the main staple meal eaten by all the Nepalese throughout the country. Daal is a soup made of lentils and spices which is served with the boiled rice known as Bhat. Tarkari is curry-a mash up of different vegetables flavored with spices and curry powder.

Gundrook- Dheedo

This is cuisine is popular among Nepali people and tourists. It is also a sugar-free dish made of wheat, maize and dried green vegetable. The food is high on nutrition level and satisfies the taste buds as well. Gundrook is dried and fermented green vegetable leaves. It is usually prepared as soup adding beans and potatoes. Dheedo is made up of either wheat or maize.

Alu Tama

Aloo Tama (Alu Tama) simply means ‘Potato Bamboo Shoots’. It is a unique and classic Nepali curry flavor dish. It is unique in the sense that it is unlike any other Indian or South Asian curry since they rarely use bamboo shoots. Similarly, unlike other East Asian cuisine such as Chinese that uses Bamboo shoots but does not use curry spices.

Vegetable Pulao (Fried Nepali Rice)

Vegetable Pulao is one of the popular ways rice is served during the parties and events in the Nepalese household. It has flavor of turmeric and cumin to it. The rice is particularly famous among tourists who prefer eating it with curd and Manchurian.


Masu is spiced or curried meat (usually chicken, mutton, buffalo or pork) with gravy. Served with rice, it is a main course dish, very popular in Nepal.


Chatamari is famous as Nepalese pizza. It is flat bread made from rice flour with or without toppings (minced meat, eggs, some vegetables like tomato, onions, green chili, coriander etc.). It is highly savored by the tourists who consider it as a good and healthy substitute to pizza.


Momo is a type of dumpling which is made from dough usually filled with minced meat-buffalo, chicken and pork-and also with vegetables. It is usually steamed or fried found in almost every restaurant, hotel and motel of Nepal and mainly eaten as an appetizer. This dish is very popular in almost every corner of Nepal.

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